Cheesy as it may be, I enjoy making this material because I know it’s helpful to many people.

It's helpful to look at things differently and broaden your horizons.

It's helpful to know you can email me with a problem you're facing and know that I'll do my best to listen and offer my two cents.

It's helpful to be put into the hands of trustworthy coaches if you feel it's right for you. 

You’ve seen the free videos, and I can only assume that you like them if you’ve made it this far. Each one is tailored to help you broaden your thinking, and ultimately live a happier, more open-minded life. If you believe what I say to be true in these videos, this is the truest thing you’ll hear me say: 

In order to make real progress with shifting your mindset, it needs to be made into a habit. Regular exposure to this material WILL enable you to start seeing each facet of life in a healthier way. For just $5, I invite you to subscribe to the site and get the perspectives and tools you need to beat stress, anxiety and fear, and live with more confidence in one month, guaranteed. 

How you ask? Upon subscribing, you’ll find that the new material you have access to (check out the super sweet benefits below) is structured to expand on the topics touched upon in public videos. Not only will material be offered to you twice as frequently, but it will be of a more detailed caliber - digging into questions sent by other viewers, long-written articles and subject matter more pertinent to self-development practitioners than everyday readers.

For those who are serious about taking their self-development to the next level, I recommend subscribing sooner than later as the subscriber-only videos are piling up and you don’t want to be playing catch up forever. 

Those who join will get exclusive access to:

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  • Other discounts I haven’t thought of yet but I promise will happen

*You can can count on at least two pieces of subscriber-only material each month

Payments are done on the interval you choose (monthly, quarterly or annually.) Rest assured your money is secure and if you want said money back you can easily be refunded up to 30 days after your purchase no questions asked. You can also cancel your subscription at any time through your portal or by reaching out through the contact page.

Still not ready? Start off slow. Emailing me with questions, joining the email list, entering the weekly giftcard giveaway and inquiring about working with one of the coaches does not require a subscription.


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