So the subscription here is pretty simple and I like to think it’s worth it. Cheesy as it may be, I enjoy making this material because I believe it’s helpful to many people.
It's helpful to look at things differently and broaden your horizons.
It's helpful to know you can email me with a problem you're facing and know that I'll do my best to listen and offer my two cents.
It's helpful to be put into the hands of trustworthy coaches if you feel it's right for you.You can imagine how this works: studio space, editing, web design, research material, the hair stylist I should probably hire; these things cost money. If you happen to be one of the people that likes hearing what I have to say and you’d like to show some financial support for what I'm doing, I invite you to subscribe for only $5/month!Subscriptions are advantageous not only to those who like watching me blabber, but also to those who are particularly interested in self development and taking steps beyond watching my videos. Upon purchasing a subscription, you will receive a Member ID code which can be used to receive:

  • Access to ALL videos, including videos in which I answer viewer questions *
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  • 10% off life coaching packages with me
  • 50% off future ebooks and courses. There, I said it. Now I have to make them at some point.
  • 10% off speaking engagements
  • Other discounts I haven’t thought of yet but I promise will happen

*You can can count on at least two pieces of subscriber-only material each month

Payments are done on the interval you choose (monthly, quarterly or annually.) Rest assured your money is secure and if you want said money back you can be refunded up to 30 days after your purchase. You can also cancel your subscription at any time through your portal or by reaching out through the contact page.
Emailing me with questions, joining the email list, and inquiring about working with one of the coaches does not require a subscription.


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