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Get Coached

 Life coaching is a very unique process. Often mistaken for a form of therapy, the difference lies in that life coaching focuses on the steps and habits necessary for creating a new future as opposed to healing a troubled past. 

 Ideal life coaching clients are those who are feeling stuck in their current way of life and want to work with someone to uncover the unique process they require to moving towards something better. A life coach will work with you to not only hone in your goals and desires, but how to develop an actionable plan necessary to accomplish them.

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 Not sure about me? Check out any of these talented and trusted coaches below for more options within specialized niches. If you'd like to book a free session with any of them, or if you'd like to discuss your needs, scheduling, details, prices for ongoing clients, etc., please reach out to me through the contact page or at

Patrick Harbula

Living Purpose Institute

Patrick Harbula has been a leader in the human potential movement, life coach, and spiritual psychology trainer for over 30 years. He is Director of the Living Purpose Institute and author of the acclaimed book, The Magic of the Soul: Applying Spiritual Power to Daily Living. Patrick continues to reach hundreds of thousands with his empowering message of living one’s passion through applying life purpose. He appears regularly on radio and TV around the nation. He specializes in helping people to realize their greatest dreams.

Linda Drevenstedt

Life Path By Design

Are you ready for a SHIFT in your life path? Life Coaching is often the way and Life Coach Linda Drevenstedt has completed her certification as a Life Coach as well as studies to become an RScP, licensed spiritual coach. Whether your relationship, your career path or your spiritual path could be more than you are currently experiencing, consider life coaching. Her special focus is assisting those who are overworked executives or business owners to learn to let go and embrace more joy and self-care. Additionally, Linda loves coaching those who want to run their own profitable business.
Linda nurtures and challenges her coaching clients to cultivate their potential. Her Southern Steel Magnolia wit and wisdom helps her coaching clients move through barriers to great success. Linda’s book, Life Path by Design, was an Amazon best seller. There she shares how to coach yourself to your own charmed life.
Linda is a professional National Speaker’s Association member with over 180 speaking engagements under her belt ranging from large association meetings to small groups. When Linda speaks, people have a-ha! moments and take-home practical action steps to cultivate more potential in their lives.

Dr. Gillian Joseph

Evolving Path Coaching

Dr. Gillian Joseph is a graduate of the Living Purpose Institute, Sexologist and Certified Sex and Life Coach. The Evolving Path Coaching is an online platform that provides in-depth information in this specialized coaching model. Men and women often encounter challenges related to sex, intimacy and other aspects of the relationship and Life which ultimately deprive them of leading a blissful life. In such situations, only a specialized Coach can assist them with such issues. Her coaching approach empowers Men and Women to break through their intimacy and sexual roadblocks that have kept them rooted in stagnation and dissatisfaction. This specialized coaching always emphasizes on building one’s future through creating a vision and moving forward with a set of intentions and action steps.

Meredith Bowerman

Red Hot Coaching

Meredith Bowerman is a graduate of the Living Purpose Institute. Meredith has been a coach and teacher in health, wellness and the healing arts for 15 years. Life Coaching was simply the next phase. Life Coaching was so powerful and transformative in her own life that she couldn’t resist offering this service to clients. Meredith is the owner of Red Hot Coaching, whose mission is to empower and guide others to live up to their highest potential. She helps clients identify their unique gifts and help them discover how they can expand and unleash them out into the world so that they are living purposefully, joyfully and in the most abundant state possible. If she’s not on a call with a client, you can find her out on the golf course, running with her dogs or on a surfboard somewhere on the planet! Discover your unique gifts with a complimentary session!