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Life coaching is a very unique process. Often mistaken for a form of therapy, the difference lies in that life coaching focuses on the steps and habits necessary for creating a new future as opposed to healing a troubled past.

Ideal life coaching clients are those who are feeling stuck in their current way of life and want to work with someone to uncover the unique process they require to moving towards something better. 

Ideal life coaches are able to help clients gain a sense of understanding and acceptance of the client’s circumstances so that creating a strategy to move forward can be filled with both current contentment and hope for the future.

Below are the different types of packages I offer.

“Standard Coaching” refers to classically structured, one on one coaching. The main concept of Standard Coaching is that we zone in on the ideal life you’d like to live, and then establish personally tailored steps you can take to to get there. Bear in mind, however, that we all have different needs and means of attaining happiness, and thus each client will have a unique experience based on what they find most fulfilling.

*Students or persons under 25, upon disclosing proof of either, are eligible for Standard Coaching at a discounted rate

E-COACHING (Ongoing)
E-Coaching is an alternative coaching option that is limited to texts, emails and audio messages between myself and the client. E-Coaching clients have the ability to send me texts, emails or audio messages Monday- Friday, with a guarantee of up to three responses from me per day. This is a cost-effective coaching option that grants clients the opportunity to be in regular contact and not have to wait until a scheduled session to get the help they need. Clients whose first language is not English may find

E-Coaching particularly beneficial.

*Students or persons under 25, upon disclosing proof of either, are eligible for E-Coaching at a discounted rate

Doubles Coaching is coaching designed for two people that have a similar vision for themselves or a similar obstacle to overcome. Ideal for business partners, couples, and close friends, Doubles Coaching is a dynamic three-way conversation that allows for a lot of idea sharing and teamwork. Action steps will be developed in accordance with the nature of the relationship and desired outcome. 

Group Coaching can vary from a roundtable discussion to a seminar-style presentation depending on the size and needs of the group. It is a great approach for strategizing and motivating a team, club, office, etc. that possesses a similar goal. 

Want to try a free, no obligation, life coaching session with me to see if you like it?

Reach out through the Contact Page to schedule a time!

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